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The Hospital c1955, Llwynypia

The Hospital c1955, Llwynypia

The Hospital c1955, Llwynypia Ref: L289014

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My Birth Place

c1955, Llwynypia
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Dear readers,
Llwynpia was where I was born at the Hospital, 8th August 1947. My Mom was taken there in labour with me and I should have been born at my grand-parents house which was in Gilfach, Bargoid. At 6 weeks old my parents moved me to Birmingham where I have lived ever since. One day I hope to go and see the place where I was born
Thankyou for the memories x

Llwynypia General

General View c1955, Llwynypia
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I lived with my parents in two rooms in a house on Church Street near Partridge Square.  I had a small mongrel dog called Spot who used to go down to the bus shelter and wait for the bus to Porth, get on it and ride to Porth and back.  My father was a miner and my mother worked in Llwynypia hospital and was there when the wounded soldiers were brought back from Dieppe.    We "adopted" three of the wounded soldiers and they used to visit us regularly.  I only remember one of their names - Jack Sargent - but they are all remembered with fondness. I went to Pontrhondda school and had music lessons (playing the piano accordian).  I was in fact a member of "Joy Clark's Accordian Band" - happy memories.  By the way the single storey shop in the pictures was always known as "The old man's".

My Memoires

Dear readers,
My name's Steve Hopkins and I was born in Llwynypia hospital in late 1957. My mother's a Liverpudlian evacuated during wartime to Malpas in Cheshire and my father’s from Rhydfelin near Pontypridd. I was readmitted to the hospital when I had tonsillitis at the tender age of three. I remember my parents bringing me a big green helicopter, eating loads of ice cream and my uncle Vernon popping in to say hello along with the tall, dark and handsome young Tom Jones and Keith the guitarist with the band. My uncle was the bass player and then leader of the Senators. They were exiting times with Tom hitting the big time and we were receiving postcards from all over the world, blah blah blah.

I grew up in Ferndale till the age of 7 and my best friend was another famous Ferndalian the alias Mike Curtis, author of CQB (Close Quarter Battle). He joined the Para regiment and later... Read more

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