Memories of Bexleyheath

Catapault Elastic And More

I lived in Midhurst Hill, off Townley Road, a couple of years after this photo was taken, quite scarey to see how old fashioned it looks now. I used to buy my catapault ...Read full memory

I Was Here In 1965

I remember the hut that was used as the changing rooms for all the outside sports, damn cold in the winter. Mr Lester was the Head at the time, mostly I remember the teachers Jim ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath

The Good Old Days

In the mid 1950's I used to work as a  young school boy on a Saturday morning for the butcher ( I think his surname was Finch) just out of shot on the extreme left of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by David Roth

1960`S Bexleyheath Days

I recall Hides Department Store and a box of soft toy rabbits for sale. Jacksons Stores (the supermarket) and poking a bag of rice causing the whole stack to collapse to ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by Ann Lewis

My Memories From 1955 72

I lived in Station Road till 1955, then moved to Franklin Road and lived there till 1972. I can remember most of this parade of shops, starting at Lewis's on the corner of ...Read full memory

A Schoolboy's View Of Bexleyheath In The Early 1950s

I went to school in Bexleyheath between 1950 and 1954. I believe the school was in Pelham Road but I can't be sure. Maybe there was a separate ...Read full memory

Danson Park And The Broadway

I am eight years old and walking to the Broadway to see my grandad who had the barber's shop next to the LEB showrooms just round the corner from Lion Road. I remember ...Read full memory

I Saw The Abc Cine Bowl Built And Pulled Down!

I left Graham Road Secondary School for boys in 1963 ... and played in the foundations of the ABD Cine Bowl ... it seems strange to see Asdas sitting there now ...


I remember going shopping in Pickford Lane and my brother eating ice-cream outside the paper shop in his pram. It is so different now.

Silver Lounge

That Ice Cream Parlour was called the Silver Lounge. Real coffee served there, but best of all the awesome Knickerbocker Glories! A birthday treat for us kids. I'd love to get a ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath

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