Birmingham, Corporation Street 1890

Birmingham, Corporation Street 1890

Neg. B100002X

Memories of Birmingham

Incorrect Date

Christchurch was demolished in August 1890

A memory of Birmingham by Paul Matty

Childhood Memories

This area has many happy memories for me. My Mom and Dad, Nan and Granddad lived in Holte Road, my parents would take me to Aston Park in the summer, then I would sit on the wall ...Read full memory

'Lozells', Such An Exotic Sounding Place.

We lived in Gerrard Street, Lozells, until I was about 6. My father had an allotment where we would go and play, I still have a photo taken when I was about 4 ...Read full memory

A memory of Birmingham by Paul Carney

King Edward Boys School New St Birmingham

I don't remember this far back, but my Great Grandad (Sydney James Ford), Great Grandma, my Grandma and her brother lived in King Edward Boys school which at ...Read full memory

A memory of Birmingham by Jan Freeman

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