Borehamwood, Leeming Road Shopping Parade c.1965

Borehamwood, Leeming Road Shopping Parade c.1965

Neg. B408040

Memories of Borehamwood

My Street 1959 To 1977

I lived in Theobald Street (no 194) from the age of 7 in 1959 until 1977, and my parents lived there further until 1984. I often used to walk from the Village (as we called ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood by Eric Oliver

Borehamwood, The Village

I was born at 4 Glenhaven Avenue in November of 1945 to Matthew Murray and Elizabeth (Beth) Murray, My sister Jill having been born in Radlet in 1944. I remember that the ...Read full memory

A Memory Of Time In Borehamwood

I was born at Stilton Path Borehamwood in 1957, went to Greenacres Infants, Parkside Junior and Campions Secondary Modern School, and after attending a Secretarial ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood

1948 To 1965

My name is Margaret Saunders. I was born at 3 Theobald Street, but at sometime we moved to 18a Theobald Street. I went to Furzehill Infant and Junior schools, then on to Lyndhurst. We ...Read full memory

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