Memories of Bristol

Corn Exchange

Before the railways (railroads) came, there was no particular reason why people in Bristol, England should keep the same time as people in London. At that time there was no practical ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Open Spaces And Industry

I visit family and friends occasionally on returning to my birth place of Bristol. I still enjoy as I did as a child 'The Downs' and 'Blaise Castle Estate'. Then particularly ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol

John Cabot The History

Cabot used only one ship with 18 crew, the Matthew, a small ship (50 tons), but fast and able. He departed on either May 2 or May 20, 1497 and sailed to Dursey Head, Ireland. His ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Hill The The Long Distance Runner

I was stationed at Chilwell barracks near Nottingham in 1953. There was a very tall lad in my barracks by the name of Hill. he came from Bristol a place I have never ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Les May

Wedding Ring

we bougt my wedding ring in shop here

A memory of Bristol by Patricia Blake

The N.H.S. Early Years To Retirement

The Transport Department at Southmead Hospital when I joined them consisted of an officer, foreman, and four porter drivers, with two buses, three vans, ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Arthur Cottrell

Union Street Bristol Bs1

Frys former chocolate factory once stood in the Union Street/Pithay area (later moved production to Somerdale Keynsham). J.S. Fry & Sons Ltd merged their financial interests ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Archive Info Re Neg Reference B212201

The street shown in your photograph is Small Street. The shop with the blinds on the extreme right was rented by my father about 1942/3 (The fact that the shop ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by John Holdcroft

Redcliffe Bascule Bridge

This photograph shows Redcliffe Bascule Bridge which can only be lifted by prior arrangements with the Harbour Master. Today the speed limit within the Floating Harbour is ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

To Sea

The Seagoing Years. I must have left the Army sometime in August or September of 1949, and went back to C.J.King & son, tug owners, to carry on with ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Arthur Cottrell

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