Caerau, Caerau Road c.1955

Caerau, Caerau Road c.1955

Neg. C387010

Memories of Caerau

Tracing Family Of : William James Winn/Wynn/Wynne

Hello - I am searching for William James Winn born 1885. He is listed as living at that time in Station Road, Nantyfyllon and was a clerk when he married ...Read full memory

Bryn Gearge

I well remember Bryn Gearge ,when we were younger he lived across the back lane from our house. He raced pigeons and often we had to go and look for my father at dinner time as he would be talking to Bryn about pigeon racing.

A memory of Caerau by Brenda Smith

Happiest Days Of My Life 1947 1966

I was born in Glenavon Terrace in 1945, my parents moved to Cambridge in 1946. Every year since I can remember, I spent all my holidays, Xmas, Easter, summer, every ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by Colin Cornwell

Cosy Cinema

I have dreadful memories of that rat infested place called the Cosy, it used to smell so bad. I also recall buying the fritters from Mort's. My father played bowls in Caerau and I would go ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau

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