Caerau, Caerau Road c.1955

Caerau, Caerau Road c.1955

Neg. C387010

Memories of Caerau

Aunty Annie Evans, Winn,Townley,Amos.

I believe Annie Evans was my grandmother's sister. I also have fond memories visiting Caerau and my cousins in Surrey at Gwyneth's house, we lived in Slough until ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by Bill Barton

William Oswald Jones 1916 To 1944

I am seeking information. William Oswald Jones was my wife's father. He was born in 1916 at 24 Victoria Street. His parents were Humphrey and Mary Jones. William was ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by Leon Wiltshire

Tracing Family Of : William James Winn/Wynn/Wynne

Hello - I am searching for William James Winn born 1885. He is listed as living at that time in Station Road, Nantyfyllon and was a clerk when he married ...Read full memory

St Johns Colliery

Always remember my grandfather (Bryn George) stating all through my child hood that he had worked in st johns for 44 and a half years

A memory of Caerau by Darrell George

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