Caterham, Harestone Nursing Home c.1960

Caterham, Harestone Nursing Home c.1960

Neg. C49508

Memories of Caterham

Clifford Wheatley

remembering walking through the main gates and your feet dont touch the floor

A memory of Caterham by cwheat509


I attended Caterham School in the 90's, and very little had seemed to have changed since Victorian times. I'd be interested to know what the tower thing in the centre of the building is/was, it's purpose and why it was removed.

A memory of Caterham

The Barracks

Used to go swimming every day in the Barracks when the Irish Guards were there.

My Great Grandfather

My father was born into a large army family and became very connected to Caterham barracks and was a ground engineer for the 615 squadron at Kenly aerodrome during world war II. ...Read full memory

A memory of Caterham

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