Chelmsford, New London Road 1892

Chelmsford, New London Road 1892

Neg. 31514X

Memories of Chelmsford

Woodfine Family

Hi everyone! I live in Melbourne, Australia, but am trying to trace the Woodfine family, especially William (b 1827), and Thomas, his father (b 1811) but also any other details. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Michael Blake

William Leech Gun Maker 1796 1948 Still Trading

William Leech moved from St Martins in the Field, London to 20 Duke Street,  Chelmsford in 1794. There he started up his gun maker's shop. Later he ...Read full memory

A memory of Chelmsford by Ann Jones

Chelmsford, Rainsford Road, 1906.

The lady standing on the left hand corner is at the top of Waterhouse Lane. Beyond the man leaning against the lampost is the start of Rainsford Road. The first 2 ...Read full memory

A memory of Chelmsford by John Crouch

The Old Hawkes Sweet Factory In New Street, Chelmsford

Hi my name is Doug, when I left school at the age of 15 in 1955 I worked at the Hawkes sweet factory as a sugar boiler, amongst other things, ...Read full memory

A memory of Chelmsford by Doug Watts

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