Clacton On Sea, From Pier, Looking West 1912

Clacton On Sea, From Pier, Looking West 1912

Neg. 64241

Memories of Clacton-On-Sea

Holland On Sea 1993

Holland is a bustling Essex coastal town `resplendent`-a bride in her wedding day gown, tree lined avenues, with neat little plots, well kept gardens and a place for the ...Read full memory

Donkeys On The Greensward By Clacton Bowling Club

My grandad, Christopher Jeffrey had the donkeys on the Greensward by Clacton Bowling Club and I remember in 1951 when I was nine years old being ...Read full memory

The Royal

The Royal Hotel was built in about 1872 and was still a hotel right up to about 1994 when the building became disused and went into a bad and poor building!!!  But in 2007 the ...Read full memory

Bottling And Living Near The Seafront

We lived in St Vincent Road, went bottling collecting bottles left on the beach and got the deposits back from the kiosks on the beach front, the some, the ...Read full memory

A memory of Clacton-On-Sea

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