Corby, St Brendan's Church c.1965

Corby, St Brendan's Church c.1965

Neg. C337088

Memories of Corby

Corby In The 1950s

I lived with my family in Burns Drive, Corby, until I was about six. Our house backed onto the playing fields of Rowlett Road School and my grandparents lived on the corner of Rowlett ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Linda Briggs

Air Raid Shelter

A large underground air raid shelter was built on the roundabout on Studfall Avenue near the Open Hearth pub. I'm not sure the shelter was ever used. When playing on it with friends I ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby

Corby Love It Or Hate It?

First impressions of Corby We moved to Corby, then known as Corby New Town, in 1954, when I was 10. I hated it with a passion having been brought up in the country. Born in ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Vivienne Hedges

Baxters The Butchers, Rockingham Road

My dad Jimmy was the local 'Baxter the butcher' for many years. I remember going to Samuel LLoyds school and going to see him to get my mince for cookery. We used to ...Read full memory

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