Cowplain, The Spotted Cow c.1965

Cowplain, The Spotted Cow c.1965

Neg. C576025

Memories of Cowplain

Recalled Re Earlier Post: Corner Of Durley Avenue Cowplain!

I've lived in Cowplain since 6 yrs old in 1968. To an earlier post above, on the corner of Durley Avenue and the main London Road, Cowplain, ...Read full memory

A memory of Cowplain by Simon Cox

Cowplain In 1958

I lived in Cowplain until 1963 and have just written a book set in Cowplain in 1958. Although it's an adventure story for young readers it is set accurately in the village at that ...Read full memory

A memory of Cowplain by Terry Wheeler

1st School

My first school around 1969, 5 years old. I still remember there being railway sleepers in the play ground, and we each had a hook to hang coats and PE bags on, mine was a rabbit. Lucky for ...Read full memory

A memory of Cowplain by Robert King

The Tram Shed Cowplain 1960

We used to meet outside the old tram shed where Waitrose is now, Can anyone remember the company who owned it?

A memory of Cowplain by Lesley Staff

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