Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Neg. 57780

Memories of Crawley

Tilgate Mansion Crawley West Sussex

This is the first time I have ever seen such a wonderful photo of Tilgate Mansion, other than bits of it in the backgound of faded family snaps. It means a lot to me ...Read full memory

Tilgate Forest

I was lucky enough to be looked after by the warden of Tilgate Forest and his wife whom I referred to as Aunty and Uncle Bill. Bill Wratten was employed by Crawley Council as warden and ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley by Lyta Nulty

Some Of My Boyhood Memories Of Three Bridges

I lived in New Street, and my boyhood friends were Richard Freakes, John Denman, Michael and Graham Goring, Jeff and Billy Kowatch and Alfie Manzoli. ...Read full memory

Dancing In The Square

The bandstand where Jazz was played on, I think, a Sunday afternoon. The fountain - remember it being 'soaped' and indeed Queensway Stores, my first job on a Saturday and the first department store in town!

A memory of Crawley

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