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Memories of Dartford

The Old Priory Estate Wall, Victoria Road

Hi, I was born in Dartford in 1967 and moved away in the mid 80's. Does anyone else know of the 'king and queen stones' as we called them. They where carved ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by Eric Williams

Another Piece Of Dartford History

Although born in Surrey, my parents moved to Swaisland Road when I was a baby, before buying a house in James Road in 1939 - just before the outbreak of WW2. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by Michael Scotter

Colney Road

I too lived in Dartford in the late fifties to mid sixties. I was born in West Hill hospital in 1957. I attended St Albans infant school and York Road junior school. I had a best friend ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by Jane Lawrence Bark

The Sunday Granada Matinees

How many of you out there remember the Sunday Granada matinees? On Sundays at the Grendada in between movies the rock bands that performed in that theatre included the ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by Clive Jeffrey

Carouseland The Kings Head[The Nut]

I remember the "cara"  and the "nut" the kings head in fact all of Dartford and friends yes and you allen with your 6" turnups on your jeans, in fact when I remember I get quite nostalgic [sad] all the blokes and all the fun in "wild Dartford"

A memory of Dartford by David Nowell

Mildred Close

Hi Jane Are your a sister of James? (or Jimmy Lawrence). He used to live in Colney Road, just around the corner from where I lived in the late 1950s to mid 1960s. I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by Susan Howard

Second World War Memories

Do any folks in the Dartford area remember the air raids and the dog fights with the German aircraft and our boys? I lived on Morland Avenue near Vickers Armstrong which I ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by Clive Jeffrey

St Vincent Road

I lived at the bottom of St. Vincent Road, near to Temple Hill Estate and Bow Arrow Lane. We used to play in the fields and I remember Temple Hill Estate being built. I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by Phyllis Gregory

Our Ladys High School West Hill Dartford

I went to this school from 1954-1957 ish. My elder sister attended too. I did not enjoy anything, at the school, even less the two weeks spent as a border ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by Christine Moore

West Hill Hospital

Early in the morning of September 5th 1940 a bomb struck West Hill Hospital. It killed 2 nurses and a score of new and expecting mothers. My own mother survived with a fractured ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by David Burns

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