Durham, St Oswald's Church 1918

Durham, St Oswald's Church 1918

Neg. 68226

Memories of Durham

Remember It Well

I recognize all the places you're talking about as I lived in Durham until 1970. I remember having piano lessons from Mrs Pratt, I was friends with Kenny. I now live in Cyprus, happy in retirement .

A Durham Lad Through And Through

Yes, I remember this street so well as a young boy, I lived up Crossgate at the Angel Inn then Claypath at The Wheatsheaf. I was Christened at St Margarets half way up ...Read full memory

A memory of Durham by Rob Beilby

Traffic Policeman And St Hilds Demonstration School

I remember the traffic policeman very well. I lived at The Morlands (25) from c1945 to c1953. I went to Framwellgate Nursery School, and the to St. ...Read full memory

A memory of Durham by Patricia Hardy

My Dad's Barber Shop

My dad had a barber shop near there if I remember correctly.

A memory of Durham by Ken Howey

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