Durham, St Oswald's Church 1918

Durham, St Oswald's Church 1918

Neg. 68226

Memories of Durham

Durham Cathedral

My granddad and nana, Lydia and Alan Field, lived in the house under the arches to the Cathedral. He was the porter and I remember helping him ring the bell in the cathedral. His office ...Read full memory

A memory of Durham by Jenny Holland

Remember It Well

I recognize all the places you're talking about as I lived in Durham until 1970. I remember having piano lessons from Mrs Pratt, I was friends with Kenny. I now live in Cyprus, happy in retirement .

A Durham Lad Through And Through

Yes, I remember this street so well as a young boy, I lived up Crossgate at the Angel Inn then Claypath at The Wheatsheaf. I was Christened at St Margarets half way up ...Read full memory

A memory of Durham by Rob Beilby

Uiversity Days Rag Week

Sorry - I got it wrong - the year of my memory of Rag Week was 1959. One of the other memories on this site related to Councillor Thurlow, who was Mayor of Durham in 1956. In ...Read full memory

A memory of Durham by Diana Dioszeghy

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