Eastry, Sandwich Hill c.1960

Eastry, Sandwich Hill c.1960

Neg. E154023

Memories of Eastry

Tewkesbury C1750

We are just about to move hopefully into Tewkesbury, Mill Lane, Eastry, it sits in front of the Smock Mill up the lane directly opposite the newer houses. The house itself has a white ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michelle Taylor

Village Hall, Roman Road

Eastry has an important history and this is the Roman Road which went to Woodnesborough (after the god 'Woden') and to Sandwich to the right. The village hall to the left, ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michael Mitchell

Where, But These Are Hammil Bricks

There are plenty of brick walls along most country lanes and so I am having trouble placing this. It might be near to Selson Farm which is actually not too far from ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michael Mitchell

After My Time

The 'new' primary school in Cook's Lea (a respected headteacher in Sandwich) was built in the early sixties and is well-located next to the Gunpark to the left. The old C of E Primary ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michael Mitchell

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