Eastry, Sandwich Hill c.1960

Eastry, Sandwich Hill c.1960

Neg. E154023

Memories of Eastry

Stage Coach Village

Eastry has a Roman Road through it but was also important as a place where we imagine important people stopped on the drive between Dover and Sandwich, the Cinque Ports. The Bull Pub ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michael Mitchell

Going Down And 3 Miles To Sandwich

Again, we notice Eastry is set atop a hill and the Roman Road continues its way down and along to Sandwich. On the way are Dutch sounding place names such as ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michael Mitchell

Clark And Butcher Families

Hi, I'm very interested in Carolle's Ladd family memories as mine are so similar. You see photograph No. 2 of the High Street; the buildings to the left are Clark & Son's ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Stanley Butcher

Lower Street And Up To The Village From Dover

I believe this is called Lower Street and behind us is Dover Road, and a turn to the east to Northbourne and Deal or a walk to the cricket ground at Updown. ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastry by Michael Mitchell

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