Memories of Edmonton

Roller Skating

A good skating could be had at Monmouth Rd where the road surface was smooth tar. All the kids from Penfold Rd, Charlton Rd areas would descend en block pre the busy car times, our Jacko skates loving the road surface.

Fore Street And Brettenham Road School

I lived in Sandgate Road Edmonton and well remember "Uffy's" the oil shop, also Gallows the greengrocers I was born in 1951 and went to Brettenham Road Infants ...Read full memory

A memory of Edmonton by Mo Birch

Football Matches Played From 1935 To 1947

Hello, I am researching for a book about two Spurs players who played in the thirties. They are Albert Hall and Willie Hall. Has anyone seen them play or ...Read full memory

Memories Of Edmonton

I grew up in Park Avenue, Edmonton near Pymms Park. My gran and grandad Bert and Dolly Uff owned the "oil shop" at 247 Fore Street and my sister Ginny and I used to help out in ...Read full memory

A memory of Edmonton by Sylvia Lock

Totenham And Page Green School

Born in the North Mid like most people my age (1931), I lived my first 25 years at Tottenham Hale, at the end of Brograve Rd., facing the Station Green. The green had a ...Read full memory

A memory of Edmonton by Peter Mackin

Edmonton Lido

One of your contributors mentioned about the Edmonton Lido, near Jubilee Park. I certainly do remember it, and I too spent most of my summer there, even if it was raining. There was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Edmonton by Colin Hornsey

Tynemouth Road

I was born at 59 Tynemouth Road, Tottenham in 1949, does anyone remember us? My brother's name is Bruce Abbott and I had a sister called Pat,who sadly died in 1965. Upstairs to us was ...Read full memory

A memory of Edmonton by Shirley Abbott

Nightingale Road Again

This is the first time I've been into this site and what should jump out at me but 238, Nightingale Road. My Mother-in-law lived in this same house and when her eldest son and I ...Read full memory

A memory of Edmonton by Chris Coxall

Happy Days

I have read an article by Sylvia Lock. I made me smile and bought back so many happy memories from my childhood in Edmonton. I to remember Pymms park and yes the dentist at the clinic in ...Read full memory

A memory of Edmonton by Keith Thompson

Nightingale Road

I was born in 1935. My father, Fred Pritchard, had a couple of shops on the corner of St. Mary's and Nightingale. Our family lived in a flat above them until 1947. Around 1953 he ...Read full memory

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