Elgin, Grampian
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Looking For Famiy

Trying to locate family. If anyone could give us any information, it would be greatly appreciated. We are looking for the Fisher family or other relatives of them, particularly trying ...Read full memory

A memory of Elgin by David Fisher

The Wards Elgin

My grandfather, Robert (Bob) and his wife, Margaret (Maggie) Stewart/Stuart, along with their two children, lived at The Wards, Elgin, about 1900. Robert was employed at the railway station there. A third child, James Urquhart, was born at The Wards, 6th October 1900.

A memory of Elgin by R Urquhart

Little Cross House, Elgin

My great, great grandmother lived here. Mary Norris (Dick). She died there in 1922. I don't know how far back in the family this house went.

A memory of Elgin

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