Frimley, St Peter's Church c.1955

Frimley, St Peter's Church c.1955

Neg. F50089

Memories of Frimley

Happy Days

Lovely memories of the High Street, mum pushed us in the big old coach built double ended pram; me and my brother Mike. In them days you stayed in prams way into toddler years, mum's didn't ...Read full memory

Wilsons Estate

We lived in Field Lane from 1961 until 1990 something, the tin shed located at Lakeside school was to house motor vehicles from the Wilson estate which is now the Alphington Avenue area ...Read full memory

Mytchett And Ash Vale County Primary School

I was born in Liverpool in 1952 and later with my parents, Ken and Ivy Jenkins and my younger brother Kevin in about 1960, moved into one of the two 'new' ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley by Trevor Jenkins

Living In Frimley

I was born in Frimley in 1957. We lived in a bungalow along the Frimley Green Road. I loved Frimley as a child, it was mainly farmland even then. I particularly remember the Manor House ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley

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