Frimley, The House, Frimley Park c.1955

Frimley, The House, Frimley Park c.1955

Neg. F50039

Memories of Frimley

Wilsons Estate

We lived in Field Lane from 1961 until 1990 something, the tin shed located at Lakeside school was to house motor vehicles from the Wilson estate which is now the Alphington Avenue area ...Read full memory

Early 1960s In Camberley

I remember the highlight of the week was Saturday night at the Agincourt. A guy called Bob Potter was running the entertainment there. The clothes shop called Esquire was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley by Brian Barnes

Frimley, The Grove

My father was born in Frimley and lived at No 8 The Grove till he married and moved to Dartford, then Wastwater and finally emigrated to South Africa after the Second World War. I ...Read full memory

Stream Cottages

My grandparents lived at Stream Cottages and were there during the 1911 census. My dad was born there in 1917. I still remember visiting there as a child in the 1950s. There was a ...Read full memory

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