Halifax, Town Hall 1893

Halifax, Town Hall 1893

Neg. 33206

Memories of Halifax

I Was Born Here

I was born in Holmfield in 1934. I went to Moorside School and later Princess Mary High School in Parkinson Lane. I was married in St.Mary's Church, Illingworth in 1954 and lived for a ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Brenda Hodgson

New Bank

When I was a small child I was taken to my aunt and uncle's house at 59 New Bank, Halifax - this was a house over shops. The house was one up and down with gas lighting and a cellar and also ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax

Illingworth Remembered

I lived in Keighley Drive, opposite Crossleys sportsfield until I got married and moved to Bradford with my husband. I have so many lovely memories of Illingworth and Ovenden. My ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Sylvia Moore

Happy Sunny Days

I only have great sunny memories of Halifax as a child. A lot of these photos in the 1960's show the sunshine... just how I remember it. My granddad worked on the buses and in the ...Read full memory

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