Harlow, Orchard Croft c.1955

Harlow, Orchard Croft c.1955

Neg. H22029

Memories of Harlow

The Regal

In the fifties I remember the Regal cinema at Temple Fields. I think it was an old factory converted to a cinema. I used to go on Saturday morning with my older brother. You had to be arrive ...Read full memory

A memory of Harlow by Brenda Stapleton

Tanner's Fabrics And The Coffee Roasters

My mother and I used to buy fabrics from Tanners Fabrics in Little Walk. It was a fire-trap - fabrics piled from floor to ceiling and very little room to move. ...Read full memory

A memory of Harlow by Julie Stilwell

When My Nan Lived At Orchard Croft

When I think of Orchard Croft, I always think of happy childhood thoughts. When I was a child my nan lived at No 80 (unit block flats) from the early 1970s to the late ...Read full memory

A memory of Harlow

Childhood Memories

I was born at home in a house within a housing estate called East Park, I think it was No 39, in Old Harlow and then we moved to No 38 Chippingfield, Old Harlow. My elder brother went ...Read full memory

A memory of Harlow

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About this photo

The name Orchard Croft was taken from an old tithe map of the area.

This is an excerpt from Harlow Town and City Memories, by Clare Baster

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