Haywards Heath, The Recreation Ground c.1950

Haywards Heath, The Recreation Ground c.1950

Neg. H252588

Memories of Haywards Heath

Scrase Bridge School Class Photos

I am trying to find any class pictures of Scrase Bridge School between 1964 and 1968 featuring my wife then known as, Jill Gigney. There seems to be no archive ...Read full memory

Shops And Businesses

By this time Seeboard have taken over the Uptons building but Caffyns still have their garage premises which finally became a furniture salesroom in about 1982. the one way system has still not been created (see H252069), the restaurant is still 'Haywards' and the bank is the National Provincial.

Bentswood Road Area

Anyone have any memories or know anyone who lived in the Bentswood Road area during the early 1950s. I was born in Haywards Heath in 1949 and Bentswood Road is on my birth ...Read full memory


I cannot recall this single-decker Leyland bus on the 29 Route from Lewes. It is worth noting that up to the 1950s most of the local bus routes were serviced by single and double decker ...Read full memory

A memory of Haywards Heath

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About this photo

This is another view of the same cricket match. The two men in the foreground are wearing military uniforms and are engrossed in conversation. They could be comparing their relevant military experiences, as compulsory conscription had not yet been repealed. The gentleman wearing cricket whites, walking on the higher path away from the camera, could be one of the players.

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