Hendon, St Mary's Parish Church c.1955

Hendon, St Mary's Parish Church c.1955

Neg. H397009

Memories of Hendon

The Time Bomb On Bell Vue Terrace

I can add information about the September bombing and suggest that one reason for the low number of casualities was that it was a time bomb that landed on Bell Vue ...Read full memory

A memory of Hendon by Richard Pealling

Hendon Fire Station

After my training as a Fireman I was posted to Hendon Blue Watch who were a great bunch of guys but notorious for their practical jokes! We had many a pint in the Greyhound and the Chequers, after work. Bye for now, Jim Rabbitts.

A memory of Hendon by Jim Rabbitts

Sainsburys, Brent Street

Brent Street was a typical suburban or small town high street. There were no really large stores but a selection of individual shops. The range of shops was remarkable with ...Read full memory

A memory of Hendon by John Barnes

Ww2 British Restaurant

Towards the end of the war a 'British Restaurant' was built in Brent Street, immediately to the left of this photograph viewpoint and directly opposite the Brampton Grove junction ...Read full memory

A memory of Hendon by John Barnes

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