Hendon, St Mary's Parish Church c.1955

Hendon, St Mary's Parish Church c.1955

Neg. H397009

Memories of Hendon

West Hendon

I was a victim of the Hendon bombing in 1941 aged 5. We used to live York Road with a lot of our uncles and aunts with the name of Long. We were made homeless through the bombing and put ...Read full memory

A memory of Hendon

Sainsburys, Brent Street

Brent Street was a typical suburban or small town high street. There were no really large stores but a selection of individual shops. The range of shops was remarkable with ...Read full memory

A memory of Hendon by John Barnes

Born Here

I was born on Eaton Road, my parents were Phil and Elsie Meadows. We played in the bomb craters and our milk was delivered by horse and wagon. We moved to Mill Hill when we learned our houses were being torn down. My dad's whole family lived on this road - good old days.

A memory of Hendon by Barbara Butler

Happy School Day Memories

I was at HTC in 1946, emigrated to Australia in 1957, lost contact with my friend DN, found him on 'friends reunited', then met up again at the 1st HTC reunion in 1997.

A memory of Hendon by Cliff Charlton

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