Hindhead, Dormitory, Marchants Hill Camp c.1955

Hindhead, Dormitory, Marchants Hill Camp c.1955

Neg. H86023

Memories of Hindhead

East London School Trips.

My memory of Marchants Hill is in 1958, when I was about 5 yrears old. My dad was a teacher in East London, and he and other teachers would take kids form London to stay there ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by Helen Barnett

Queen Alexandra

I joined the Queen Alexandra Nursing Corps in 1958 and came down from Scotland to QA depot at Hindhead. After training at the Dental College, Aldershot was posted to the Dental Centre, ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by Jean Barnard

Goldcrest, Hindheah A287

I was evacuated in 1940 and in 1944 and billeted to Admiral and Lady Freemantle's house named Goldcrest on the A287. Does anyone know the year when the present Goldcrest (an old people's home) was built? Is it the same house that I stayed in during WW2? William Heath

A memory of Hindhead by William Heath

National Service At Connaught Hospital.

I served in the RAMC and spent 1958 and 1959 at Connaught Hospital. I worked as a clerk in the hospital office. I held the rank of corporal. I rememberr Phil Reid and saw his contribution to this page. I agree there were some very happy memories of the place.

A memory of Hindhead by David Crosbie

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