Holywell Bay, Trevornick Holy Well 1937

Holywell Bay, Trevornick Holy Well 1937

Neg. 88238A

Memories of Holywell Bay

Yo Terriers

Used to ride our ponies from Perranporth to Newquay, the only obstacle in our way was the Army camp at Penhale. We solved the problem by jumping the fence riding past numeroous tents and exiting by the Holywell gate. Wonder if any of those camped there remember us.

A memory of Holywell Bay

Annual Camp With 39th Signal Regiment At Penhale

Penhale Camp is situated towards the northern end of Penhale Sands and the Ministry of Defence owns this which is used as an army training area. ...Read full memory

Mri International Weekend Away

Since the early 1960s my parents began taking the family to stay at the home of John and Sheila Penna, and they eventually created the Pennasville holiday homes. ...Read full memory

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