Leytonstone, Whipps Cross, West Ham Infirmary 1904

Leytonstone, Whipps Cross, West Ham Infirmary 1904

Neg. 53064A

Memories of Leytonstone

My Great Grandads Shop

My nan's dad had a shop just under Leabridge Road Bridge in the 1930s and 1940s, she said they sold toys and furniture, does anyone remember this shop?

A memory of Leytonstone by Sindy Kiff

St John`S Church

We married at St. John`s Church, 1st September 1956. I went to Connaught girls school from 1949-1953. I lived in Pearcroft Road until I married and then in Rhodesia Road until we ...Read full memory

The War Years In Leytonstone

I have lived the past 43 years in Arizona, USA. Seeing the photo of St John's Church brings back many memories of my childhood in the Leytonstone area. During the blitz ...Read full memory

A memory of Leytonstone by Pete Dolder

Leytonstone From 1939 1958

I grew up in Leytonstone. Lost our home in Dyson Road from the bombing, and then moved to Forest Glade. Played in the Forest (and climbed the 'King and Queen tree' often) ...Read full memory

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