Liverpool, Ss Majestic, White Star Line 1890

Liverpool, Ss Majestic, White Star Line 1890

Neg. 26624A

Memories of Liverpool

Scottie Road

I lived in Chapel Gardens next to St Anthony's church, there were only 3 houses in our street, the Greggs, Mcartheys and us Hawkins. I went to St Anthony's School and left in 1957 when ...Read full memory

A memory of Liverpool by Cathy Thomson

Growing Up In Kirkdale

I was one year old when we moved to Kirkdale, that was 1956, we moved to 82 Brasenose Road from Huyton with Roby so all my childhood memories were about growing up in Kirkdale. ...Read full memory

Brasenose Road

I was born at 36a Brasenose Rd, above McCanns general shop. My sister, Belinda Hughes, brother Teddy and myself all went to St Alexander's school. We lived there with my nana, Belinda ...Read full memory

A memory of Liverpool by Susan Smith

The Mersey Tunnel

To visit Grandma and Grandad McCann we travelled this way from Ellesmere Port. They lived in Scotland Road and he had a cobbler shop.

A memory of Liverpool by Edna Carson

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