Llanbradach, Main Street c.1955

Llanbradach, Main Street c.1955

Neg. L283006

Memories of Llanbradach

The Brad

I was born in Coedybrain Rd in 1948 and my family moved to School St. I remember going to the school until I was 6, when we moved away to a new housing estate. The school had a stuffed ...Read full memory

A memory of Llanbradach

Queen's Coronation

I can remember celebrating the Coronation with a party, the streets were decorated with flags, it was a memorable day and photographs were taken, which I still have. I can name ...Read full memory

Wartime In Llanbradach

I was born in Merthyr Tydfil but my grandparents lived in Rees Terrace. My grandfather, Hugh Price Watkins, was the St John Ambulance driver for the pits. I lived and went to ...Read full memory

A memory of Llanbradach by Lionel Drew

Growing Up

I grew up in the "Joinery" where there were lots of characters and moved just down the street when I was 15.My parents still live there. I remember "The Green" where the Boys Brigade ...Read full memory

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