Lowestoft, View From The Jetty 1890

Lowestoft, View From The Jetty 1890

Neg. 24008

Memories of Lowestoft

Happy Days

I was born in Kensington Road in 1954 to Derek and Reki Smith and was one of four children. We moved away in 1960`s but always returned as my grandparents all lived there. My dad's parents ...Read full memory

A memory of Lowestoft by Sue Scott

Lowestoft, 1953 Floods

Hello, my late father, Mr Royal S Flaxman (of Edinburgh Road, Lowesoft) and Dean Parkin wrote a very good book about the Lowestoft floods of 1953 called 'Wall of Water'. There's ...Read full memory

A memory of Lowestoft by Simon Flaxman

A Happy Childhood

Both sets of grandparents lived in Lowestoft so we were able to visit right through the war years when other people couldn't. I remember hiding under the table wearing tin hats with ...Read full memory

Lowestoft From The 1920s

I have come to know Lowestoft only quite recently but the name has happy memories for me having heard it spoken of so fondly when I was a child. My father's family moved ...Read full memory

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