Luton, St Matthew's Church 1897

Luton, St Matthew's Church 1897

Neg. 39718

Memories of Luton

My First Taste Of The Big Wide World.

I started work at Vauxhalls in August 1956. I was an office boy in "P" block for 13 months before going on to do a 5 year apprenticeship. There were 250 draughtsmen, ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by John Davies

My Youth In Stopsley

I was brought to Luton, 219 Ashcroft Rd when I was four years old. the cottage we lived in was part of Farmer Holdstocks farm, it was origanally the Cowmans cottage. It was here ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by Sandy Mc Dowell

Grandad's Shop

My Grandad Thomas Poole owned a wallpaper & paint shop in Wellington Street, my Mum who is now 82 can remember the day the war was announced, my Grandad threw open the windows and turned up the radio so everyone in the street could hear it. Does anybody remember the shop or have any photos of it?

A memory of Luton by Dianne Dallison


I don't remember any of those places...can't remember at what age we moved from Sundown Park to Luton. I know I was 9 1/2 when we left for London ...don't remember going to school in Luton ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by Bella Croan

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