Mevagissey, The Harbour 1936

Mevagissey, The Harbour 1936

Neg. 87501

Memories of Mevagissey

My Mevagissey

I worked as a tech rep for Rylands, Whitecross, Warrington and I stayed at The Hollies, Mevagissey every six weeks. Mr Jackson was the owner, "Jacko". His daughter was married to a ...Read full memory

The Ship

Myself and my friends were only 21 when we stayed at The Hollies. We had a great holiday and used to go into The Ship, The Harbour L|ights, and The Fountain for drinks and food. I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Mevagissey by p.byrne0103

Notes From The Frith Files.

Lady on the left in the white apron is Miss Douch selling fish.

A memory of Mevagissey

Henry Thomas Johns

I have researched my family tree and I am the son of a Henry Thomas Johns, who was part of a long lineage of fathers of the same name descending from Mevagissey. I think they ...Read full memory

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