Minehead, Wellington Square 1923

Minehead, Wellington Square 1923

Neg. 74993

Memories of Minehead

My Childhood In Minehead

My auntie Mary used to run the donkeys on the beach. I spent each school holiday in Minehead Swimming Pool and remember the Juke Box in the cafeteria area very well. When I ...Read full memory

////The /////Mentone Hotel. /The /Parks./Minehead

I was born in Birmingham in 1943. My parents and my aunt and uncle (Les and Beat Bradshaw) purchased The Mentone in The Parks around 1949. A double decker bus ...Read full memory

A memory of Minehead by Kevin Phillips


P Aden : I was at Butlins as well. (1962 - 1964) I remember the big dipper thing; we used to call it The Mouse. I often went up on it. I wonder what the camp is like now. Horrible dump, blasting out rap music probably.

A memory of Minehead by wbardry

Christian Youth Fellowship Weekend

It may be 1965 and this is my query. Does anyone remember this event at Butlins in Minehead around Easter in either 1964 or 1965? I am trying to pinpoint the date to ...Read full memory

A memory of Minehead by Linda Earl

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