Memories of Nantyffyllon


I lived in Greenfield St, near the River Llynfi, the river lulled me to sleep at night and the big coal waggons on their way to Coignant colliery woke me up in the morning. I used to ride ...Read full memory

Memories 1957 1965

These were the years when the activity with friends, in Nanty, was at its most intense for me. I was born in Grove Street, 1947, and left to explore the big wide world in 1967. ...Read full memory

A memory of Nantyffyllon by Alan Lucas


My memories are about being forced to take piano lessons from a lovely lady with beautiful teeth. Her name was Beatrice Allsopp, she lived in Nanty as we called it. My cousins Les ...Read full memory

My Grand Parents

My grandparents lived in Hearts of Oak Cottages and we used to go and see them on Sundays with my dad and brothers while my mam made dinner. We would walk down the old line. My ...Read full memory

A memory of Nantyffyllon by Eira Waite

Childhood Memories

We lived in John Street until 1960, our surname was Griffiths, I had a sister Carol and bother Bobby, then we moved to Fleetwood in Lancashire. I have been back many times. I ...Read full memory

21 High Street

I lived in this from 1964 until I got married in 1987. My father Leslie Lougher lived here from 1962 with my mother Monica until she died in 1986. He then lived there until he ...Read full memory

Ellen Pat Austin

My grandmother Ellen & her 2nd husband lived in Humphrey Street from about 1913/4 until 1954 approx. I remember walking across the meadows around there with Pa as a very small child. Have no photos.

John Street

My grandfather lived in John Street and kept lots of chickens. As everything was rationed during my childhood we were very lucky to have eggs from him. I remember calling in with my ...Read full memory

Childhood Memories

I was born in Nanty in 1947, I lived on High Street. My dad was Tom Bevan and I went to Nanty Infants School. I remember as a child playing down by the river with my friends and ...Read full memory

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