Newport, High Street 1903

Newport, High Street 1903

Neg. 49481

Memories of Newport


My father, John, was a doctor at his surgery/house, Corporation Road and I and my brother John plus mother and father were in the shelter when the mine was dropped. I remember a discussion ...Read full memory

A memory of Newport by Michael Savage


My Grandfather Ben John owned a grocery store called Monmouth Dairy opposite the Handpost - on the right hand side of this picture. I was born in 1944 and have lived most of my life in ...Read full memory

A memory of Newport by Gordon John

Head For Heights

I remember walking over the top of the bridge with my father in the summer of 1953; a sunny day with a light wind... whenever in Newport alway remember this walk.

A memory of Newport by Ian Hopkin

Memories Of War Years 1939 45 Newport

Memories of War years 1939 -1945. By John Beal. Little did I realise that I would be involved in the army when war broke out in 1939. I was attending ...Read full memory

A memory of Newport by John Beal

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