Pirbright, Admirals Walk c.1965

Pirbright, Admirals Walk c.1965

Neg. P54057

Memories of Pirbright

Boxing Day Scramble

I was brought up in Pirbright Village and my father was into motorbikes. My brother was older than me and had a motorcycle 1st but when I was old enough I also got a motorcycle. ...Read full memory

A memory of Pirbright by Harry Henden

Admirals Walk''S Legend

My mother lived in Admirals Walk during the Second World War. Her father was a Spanish official posted in London who hired the property to spare his family the bombing raids ...Read full memory

A memory of Pirbright by Angel Vazquez

Swallow Cottage

William Stonard and Alice West lived in this house (called "Swallow Cottage"). They lived here from before 1901, through to William's death in 1935. William Stonard is my great-great-grandfather on my mother's side. Alice, his wife, was the village midwife.

A memory of Pirbright by Raymond Davey

The Bullen Family In Pirbright

Research has shown that Pirbright was the home for many of my relatives. Edwin Bullen and his wife Sarah resided at White Acre Cottage and 29 Railway Junction was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Pirbright by Colin Bullen

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