Rainham,Upminster Road c.1955

Rainham,Upminster Road c.1955

Neg. R354022

Memories of Rainham

Mimi And Grandad's Sweet Shop

My grandparents owned the sweet shop at the end of this parade. They were Harry and Gladys Godwin. My mother grew up there, as did my Uncle Paul. My brother and I have ...Read full memory

A memory of Rainham by Jonathon Cooke

Lost Pen Friend

Back those days (1960-1970), pen-friendship was the big deal as Face book/Bebo is today. I used to have a penfriend by the name of Karen Francis. I am from Mauritius - a tiny dot in ...Read full memory

A memory of Rainham by Mannix Bassish

T He Nurden Family History Book.

My name is Dennis Nurden, I have a twin sister Valerie, we lived in Sunningdale Ave when Murex sports ground was there. Though not born there we did all our schooling ...Read full memory

A memory of Rainham by Dennis Nurden

Born In The House Directly Across From The Shops Shown.

I was born in Dec. 1941, in the house, 241(?) directly across from the butcher shop (where the lorry is parked) , only my mother and a 15 yr old ...Read full memory

A memory of Rainham by John Homans

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