Sale, Ashfield Road c.1955

Sale, Ashfield Road c.1955

Neg. S344005

Memories of Sale


My maternal grandparents lived at The Beeches, 16 Clarendon Road and my parents and I lived with them for my first three years and then returned regularly for holidays for several years. I ...Read full memory

Memories As Clear As Yesterday

I have clear and wonderful memories of 1958 and 1959 cycling down School Road and then Ashton Lane to my girlfriend Joan's house on Totnes Road. I remeber too, taking her ...Read full memory

A memory of Sale by Philip Wynne


fond memories, my school was at the bottom of the Avenue

A memory of Sale by Mike Evans

The Blue Rooms

It was The Blue Rooms when I was a teenager in the 1980s, good times, legging it for the last train.

A memory of Sale by Nik Erritsos

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