Sawbridgeworth, Hyde Hall 1903

Sawbridgeworth, Hyde Hall 1903

Neg. 51103

Memories of Sawbridgeworth

5th Birthday Here With My Grandparents

My grandparents Mr & Mrs Edward Turner used to live here and run this pub. I had my 5th birthday here so that would make it July 1958, a couple of years before the photo. I'm not sure when they moved in or out.

A memory of Sawbridgeworth

Hyde Hal L

I lost both my parents, and was sent away to boarding school, which was Hyde Hall. I remember the day I arrived because it was thick snow, and I had to walk all the way from the ...Read full memory

A memory of Sawbridgeworth

Where We Used To Go Some Saturday Nights

In the 50s my mum used to take us to see our Great Uncle Herb and Aunt Nell at Sawbridgeworth. He used to take my sister and I to his allotment, buy us ...Read full memory

My Secondary School

I attended this all girls school when my mother died in 1964. I remember when I first saw it, it made me feel very important as it was a very large and a had a grand ...Read full memory

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About this photo

Hyde Hall was probably given to Geoffrey de Mandeville after the Norman Conquest. It passed down through the Jocelyn family, whose monuments can be seen in the church of St Mary the Great. Hyde Hall was extended in 1806 and completely refurbished in 1869. When part of the property was sold in 1983 for £80,000, Hyde Hall was described as 'a magnificent mansion enjoying 40 acres of maintained ground'.

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