Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

Neg. 47168

Memories of Selby

Selby Girls High School

Does anyone have any memories of the former girls high school in Leeds Road, particular to the year when it became a mixed school 1967/8? I was one of the boys who left Drax Grammar School and became the first males to attend the school. Are there any original former pupils of that era out there?

A memory of Selby by Steve Fawcett

School Days

mr womersley,,,, Mr Beryle oops

A memory of Selby by Steve Kirby

Miss Read

Oh my goodness I remember the scary Miss 'Reid. I was only at the school from 1961 - 1963 but she was my class teacher and gave me nightmares! I don't ever remember hearing her speak, but I have vivid memories of hearing her shout !

A memory of Selby by Ann Featherstone

Shopping In Selby

The two girls in the lower left corner of this photograph are myself and my sister Elizabeth. We were probably out shopping with my mum, who is not visible on the photograph. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Selby by Janet Copley

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