Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

Neg. 47168

Memories of Selby

The Bridge

Living on the Barlby side of "the bridge" it seemed to dominate your life. If you had to catch a train, you set off a good deal earlier than normal in case you were "Bridged" ie in case it had ...Read full memory

A memory of Selby


I also was confirmed here by Donald Coggan, and also attended Flaxley Road primary school. I still remember getting the slipper from Miss Reid around 30 times in one term, plus the cane ...Read full memory

A memory of Selby by Nigel Hughes

Selby Girls High School

Boys entered the school in 1968, about 12 in the sixth form and a normal intake in the first year(now year 7). The female staff and female pupils were in a state of shock, the ...Read full memory

Childhood Early Years

I spent my first years growing up in Kitchener Street. My grandmother years before worked behind the counter in the post office and was a member of the WRVS. I remember the area ...Read full memory

A memory of Selby by Steve Fawcett

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