Sheffield, Hunters Bar c.1965

Sheffield, Hunters Bar c.1965

Neg. S108224

Memories of Sheffield


No memory, just that I was born in Nether Edge hospital in 1955.

A memory of Sheffield

The Marque

Roughly in 1932 there was a religious group which was called the Assemblies Of God Pentecostal Church. Albeit they had been going on since 1900-14 they were a relatively unknown church - ...Read full memory

Unsettled Times

I have very vivid memories of the war years as it was coming to an end. I was born in Cambridge Street in The Sportdman's public house, which up to the present time is the only pub ...Read full memory

A memory of Sheffield by David Rowe

Sheffield Lyceum

My first visit to this beautiful (and my favourite) theatre was to see Ronnie Hilton in the pantomime 'Sleeping Beauty'. It was then I fell in love with the theatre in general and ...Read full memory

A memory of Sheffield by Richard Roper

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About this photo

As Sheffield expanded, a number of turnpike toll bars which had once been in the country were now located within built-up areas. Between 1875 and 1880 the council bought out tolls on the Chesterfield, Langsett and Worksop roads; Hunter's Bar itself was removed on October 1884. The last surviving toll bar in Sheffield was at Meadow Hall - the council paid £1400 for the rights in February 1911.

This is an excerpt from Sheffield and South Yorkshire Photographic Memories, by Clive Hardy

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