Slough, Upton Lea Post Office c.1960

Slough, Upton Lea Post Office c.1960

Neg. S256034

Memories of Slough

Crown Corner 1960

Saw this daily as I went to the Slough College of Further Education (now a University).

A memory of Slough

Slough Post Office

1958 was the year I passed my motorcycle test and became a boy messenger, or telegram boy, working out of the the GPO head office in the high street, riding the iconic red BSA Bantam motorbikes. It was good at the time, and the experience only gets better with the passing of the years. Golden days.

A memory of Slough by Maurice Coffey

Central Hall And The Coop

Methodist Central Hall and Co-op on right, the Co-op were good tailors and barbers. I got a prize as a kid, presented at Central Hall by George Cansdale (an early TV animal presenter) for designing a National Savings poster.

A memory of Slough by Dave Hill

The Odeon

I lived on Lancaster Ave from 1941-58 and spent many happy Saturday afternoons at The Odeon theatre at "the matinees". I also worked at Perks grocery store from the time I was 13 until I left ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough by Sylvia Gardner

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