Slough, Upton Lea Post Office c.1960

Slough, Upton Lea Post Office c.1960

Neg. S256034

Memories of Slough

The Cortina

It was the Cortina, not the Cantata. It was owned by my dad, Tony, and I'm really interested in hearing any memories people have of their time there, as he passed away last year.

A memory of Slough

The Ambassador

When I was 9/10 years old my sister would take me to Saturday morning matinee at the Ambassador Farnham Road. I loved the 'westerns' and 'cops and robbers'. The wagon train would be ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough by John Wilkins

Granada And Cop Shop

The Granada on the left and down the road, the new cop shop. On the right would have been Herschels house, demolished of course!

A memory of Slough by Dave Hill

Community Centre

My school, Slough Tech was right behind this centre

A memory of Slough by Carolyn Babin

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