Somerton, Parsonage Farm 1904

Somerton, Parsonage Farm 1904

Neg. 52511

Memories of Somerton

The Station

Our cottage in West Street used to almost back on to the railway line. We lived next door to Mr and Mrs Dummet (Aunty Mable and Uncle Ern) next door again was the telephone exchange (I ...Read full memory

A memory of Somerton by Denise Lazenby

Monteclefe Girls School.

I used to go to Montecleffe girls school from 1956 untill 1959. It was an all girls school then with the toilets outside and they were wooden seats! Mr. Davey was the care ...Read full memory

A memory of Somerton by Sylvia Black

I Used To Live Here

I grew up living in a cottage on West Street (just out of shot on the left) Next door to Mr and Mrs Vincent. Mr Vincent had the garage over the road... I remember that he had a ...Read full memory

A memory of Somerton by Denise Lazenby

Memories Of Somerton.

Yes I remember The Triangle, I used to buy fish and chips at Coopers fish and chip shop. They had a collie dog like Lassie, called Shaun. My dad used to take me to Mr. Law's shop to buy my school shoes. His shop was on the left of the picture. On the right used to be a carpet shop.

A memory of Somerton by Sylvia Black

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