Memories of Southall

So Different Now

I used to live at 22 Clifton Road. Tin baths, outside loos, newspaper on a nail in toilet, all of that. I went to Clifton Road School so I only had to skip a few yards to get there. ...Read full memory

Wolf Rubber

I was born in 1934 in Burns Avenue Southall, and I remember Snells Farm at the bottom of Burns Ave, before it became a prefab estate. Left Dormers Wells at 14 in 1948. I worked at Wolf ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Dennis Legge

Southall Swimming Club

I remember the club advertising swimming lessons in the 1950s. So many people turned up that we could not get into the pool. We all stood outside on the grass where someone ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Ken Chapell

Working In Southall

Although I had known Southall from a very young age, I was born and grew up in Greenford, but my grandmother and an aunt lived in Southall, in Woodlands Road, so my earliest ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Michael Nye

Old Southall Remembered

I lived in old Southall (Norwood Road - Norwood Green end) during the 1960s to the 1990s and have seen great changes. I went to school at Clifton Road, and the school had a ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall


My father was born in Carlyle Gardens in '33. He was a Middlesex then London Fireman. He married my mum who lived on the other side of the street. My paternal grandparents (Bradbury & Swain) ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Lee Bradbury

A Very Happy Childhood

I was born in Grange Road but soon after my parents moved to West End Road, my grandmother lived at number 35. I attended Beaconsfield Road Infants School and my best friend ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Hugh Putt

Early Years

SIRENS WAILING, Get up, wrap a blanket around yourself, stand on the bed and wait for Dad (Alfred Roger) or Eddith Mary (Mum) to come and go down 13 stairs and out to the shelter that was ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Allen Gough

My Childhood In Southall

My parents were born in India. My grandfather settled in Africa and had a good job. When my father got married he stayed Africa where all my brothers and sisters were born. My ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Amy Bhambra

Wolfe Rubber Co

My dad was a lorry driver working for a firm called E Day & Sons, it was a green flatback rigid lorry and his main job was working out of a company called Wolfe Rubber Co. They used to ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by John Nicholls

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