St Ives, The Beach 1925

St Ives, The Beach 1925

Neg. 78651

Memories of St Ives

Daddy Naish

My great-grandfather had a gift shop, number 1 The Wharf, St Ives, and an artist studio.

A memory of St Ives by Susan Leonard

The Best Year Of My Life

St, Ives born and bred, my family had lived in a couple of houses upalong before moving to 22 The Digey ( the middle door ) sometime in 1967. I remember having my 6th birthday ...Read full memory

A memory of St Ives by Carolyn Abbott

My Great Grandfather

I've known of this photo for a long while. The man in the middle of the photo is my great-grandfather who as well as being a Lifeboatman, won many sailing trophies.

A memory of St Ives by Lee Shuttlewood

Another St Ives Relative

The man on the step here is a distant relative of mine, possibly my great-great grandfather. Another picture that I have known of for ages but never known its origins.

A memory of St Ives by Lee Shuttlewood

This photo is available to buy in a range of sizes and styles, including framed and on canvas.

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