Taplow, Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital c.1955

Taplow, Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital c.1955

Neg. T11001

Memories of Taplow

Year I Was Born

I was born here in 1957 then had my two sons there. Spooky corridors .....

A memory of Taplow by Cheryl Hemming

Treated For Rheumatic Fever

Have very fond memories of this hospital being treated for RF and having a lovely tutor I think his name was Mr Rogers. Does anyone remember him. My name was Joan Barnard and ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow by Joan Terrington

1963 And 1965unmarried Mothers

My mum had me in this hospital, as an unmarried mother. Before that she stayed in a home for unmarried mothers in Henley. Does anyone know anything about this home or experience it at this time?

A memory of Taplow

It Was Great In Its Time; May It Now Rip

I remember this hospital with great affection and gratitude. I was there for nearly 4 years as a student and then staff nurse 1966-1970. It was never ever called ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow

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