Virginia Water, Holloway Sanatorium c.1955

Virginia Water, Holloway Sanatorium c.1955

Neg. V4028

Memories of Virginia Water

Nurse Hampton

On August 13, 1961 I took up residence as a student nurse in Lindsay Smith House across from the hospital. It was the day the Berlin wall went up, and, as I recall, the day before ...Read full memory

Good Memories Of Hs

Because there have been dishonest, fraudulent replies to my memories, for future correspondents I shall ask certain specific questions regarding Holloway Sanatorium that only a person who had worked there would know. PH.

Holloway Sanatorium

The ballroom had huge paintings on the walls. In particular I recall one of Sir Walter Raleigh. The patients' dining room had those lovely murals. We were issued a key ...Read full memory

Holloway Sanatorium Before 1955.

Was the Holloway Sanatorium once known as Zachary Murton Home, or was this another establishment?

A memory of Virginia Water

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