Wallington, Elm Grove Gardens c.1955

Wallington, Elm Grove Gardens c.1955

Neg. W11018

Memories of Wallington

What It Used To Be 1990s 2010

I was a teenager, I used to live in Carshalton from 1986, I went to St Philomenas between 1990-1996, I remember passing through Roundshaw Estate to use the libraries, ...Read full memory

Carolann Anscomb

My first girlfriend used to attend this school, and I used to run out of my school to go and meet her. We would often do our homework together at her parents' house. They were a ...Read full memory


1975-1984 lived at 24 Vulcan Close remember the blue van and the football cards with the bubble gum very well! The 233 bus, swimming and Wilson's, knock down ginger, roller disco skates on ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Roy Styles

Moved To Roundshaw 1970

Great memories of Roundshaw, moved there in 1970. The decks were so clean with concrete still setting. Went to St Elpheges primary school, there I met so many friends to this ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Ian Strentz

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