Wallington, Elm Grove Gardens c.1955

Wallington, Elm Grove Gardens c.1955

Neg. W11018

Memories of Wallington

Holy Trinity In The Late 40's And 50's

I was baptised by the Rev. Brenn in 1945 and was sent to Sunday School from the age of about 4. I remember being scared to death by the head, the formidable ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Dave Hamer


I lived on the Roundshaw estate through the 70's and have great memories of playing runouts. I knew every nook and cranny of that estate. I had many friends that lived on nearly every ...Read full memory

Collingwood School

I was at Collingwood Preparatory from 1963-66. To say it was strict would be an immense understatement. It was brutal. John Richardson beat me on the hand with a ruler for ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Guy Nicholls

Moved To Roundshaw 1970

Great memories of Roundshaw, moved there in 1970. The decks were so clean with concrete still setting. Went to St Elpheges primary school, there I met so many friends to this ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Ian Strentz

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