Wallington, High Street c.1965

Wallington, High Street c.1965

Neg. W11132

Memories of Wallington

Growing Up In Wallington

I moved to Osmond Gardens in Wallington when I was 4 years old. I went to Beddington Infants School, then Holy Trinity Primary School in Bute Road and finally Carshalton ...Read full memory

Collingwood School

I went to Collingwood when Mrs Ingham was the head. The corporal punishment was at times severe. Another boy who was left handed was beaten and made to write with his right one. We played football in Beddington Park - where is Mellows?

A memory of Wallington

Collingwood School

I attended Collingwood from 1957 - 1960 and yes, the discipline was severe. I once looked out of the window as a fire engine went by and was punished with 6 of the best! Mr ...Read full memory

Collingwood School

When I attended Collingwood School for boys aged 7 to 11 we used to play football and cricket at Mellows Park, and I clearly remember going into the tea rooms many times to get a ...Read full memory

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