Wallington, The Grange Park c.1955

Wallington, The Grange Park c.1955

Neg. W11054

Memories of Wallington

The Flying Bombs

My family lived in Reigate Way, Wallington, Surrey. My twin brother and I used to stand outside our house to listen for the aproaching buzz bombs. On this particular day, one glided ...Read full memory

Growing Up In Wallington

I lived in Bute Gardens West, from Oct 1943 to when I married in 1965. My friends were Donald Scott, Rex Poge, Yashew, an immigrant boy who we nearly killed with a bow and ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Andrew Patey

Moved To Roundshaw 1970

Great memories of Roundshaw, moved there in 1970. The decks were so clean with concrete still setting. Went to St Elpheges primary school, there I met so many friends to this ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Ian Strentz

Bandon Hill High View School Days

We lived over the Express Dairy (opposite the Odeon) My early school days started in 1937 when Bandon Hill Infants were at Milton Road - we moved to Milton Road ...Read full memory

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