Wallington, The Grange Park c.1955

Wallington, The Grange Park c.1955

Neg. W11054

Memories of Wallington

Cowper Gardens

I was born in Cowper Gardens in 1946, my nan's, house No.11, where she lived until her death in 1979. My cousin was also born there and lived with her mum, Betty. I moved away in ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Kay Richards

The Flying Bombs

My family lived in Reigate Way, Wallington, Surrey. My twin brother and I used to stand outside our house to listen for the aproaching buzz bombs. On this particular day, one glided ...Read full memory

So Long, Beautiful Church

I may only be 30 and these pictures are before my time - but up until recently I lived in Wallington all my life and remember this beautiful church. Seems such a shame ...Read full memory

Collingwood School

I was at Collingwood Preparatory from 1963-66. To say it was strict would be an immense understatement. It was brutal. John Richardson beat me on the hand with a ruler for ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Guy Nicholls

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