Walthamstow, Upper Walthamstow Road 1906

Walthamstow, Upper Walthamstow Road 1906

Neg. 55208

Memories of Walthamstow

Bells, Graves And Wood Pigeons

I lived at 11 Church Lane with my sister Anne and parents, John and Barbara Mawson, until 1978. It was my grandfather's house (William Henry Cazaly) that he bought in ...Read full memory

A memory of Walthamstow by Joy Connell

E17 The War Years

I was born in 1931 at 73Maynard Road and went to Maynard Road School. On the outbreak of war in 1939 I was evacuated to Bedford, then later during the war to Leicester. Our house ...Read full memory

My Great Grandad's Home

My great grandfather was Alfred Monk and he married Edith Elizabeth Thompson. They lived at 25 Gosport Road and I have the 1911 census copy that he filled out..

A memory of Walthamstow by Zoe Cowell

Walthamstow In The 1940s

I was born in Thorpe Coombe Hospital in 1943, and lived in Corbett Road until I was seven - until I was 4, at number 37, with my mum, nan and grandpa, two aunts and one ...Read full memory

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